Katalog DKM Cookies 2016

4. Cheese Button DKM COOKIES
Cheese Button, harga 85,000
DKM COOKIES, grosir kue kering, kue kering lebaran, produsen kue kering lebaran, jual kue kering, beli kue kering lebaran, kue kering enak, kue kering murah
Kastengel , harga 85,000
Nastar Keju, harga 80,000
Nastar, harga 65,000
3. Choco Stick DKM COOKIES
Choco Stick, harga 65,000
2. Choco Truffle DKM COOKIES
Choco Trufle, harga 70,000
11. Mede Coklat DKM COOKIES
Mede Coklat, harga 75,000
7. Chocochip DKM COOKIES
Chocochip, harga 65,000
16. Putri Salju DKM COOKIES
Putri Salju, harga 65,000
8. Putri Salju Keju DKM COOKIES
Putri Salju Keju, harga 70,000
12. Palem Stick DKM COOKIES
Palem Stick, harga 65,000
13. Chococrunch DKM COOKIES
Chococrunch coklat, harga 70,000
14. Jagung Coklat DKM COOKIES
Jagung coklat pedas, harga 65,000
17. Emping Keju DKM COOKIES
Emping Keju, harga 85,000
19. Kenari Coklat DKM COOKIES
Kenari Coklat, harga 80,000
18. Sweet Blueberry DKM COOKIES
Sweet Blueberry, harga 70,000
5. Sweet Strawberry DKM COOKIES
Sweet Strawberry, harga 70,000



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